Who is Zakah Paid to?

There are 8 categories mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah Tawba. They are:

  1. The poor- those who don’t have enough money, food, clothing and shelter.
  2. The needy- similar to the poor.
  3. Those who collect funding- zakah is given to them for the work they do in collecting, keeping records and distributing of zakah on behalf of the Muslim authorities.
  4. Those whose hearts have been inclined towards Islam- such New Muslims whose iman might still be weak.
  5. Muslim slaves- use zakah to free them.
  6. Those in debt.
  7. For Allah’s cause (Mujahidun)- those fighting for Allah’s pleasure (Jihad).
  8. The wayfarer- the traveller who has been cut off from everything.

Why do we have to Pay Zakah?

  • Paying Zakah has many benefits. The obvious is to show love to our fellow Muslims who are less fortunate than us. Hoe can we enjoy good food, clothes and big houses when there are poor we make sure that they have something to eat, wear and somewhere to sleep.
  • The most important benefit is that you please Allah by obeying what he has commanded you to do.

” Those who are good to one another, pray salah and give zakah Allah will have His Mercy on them. Surely Allah is All Mighty All Wise” {Surah Tawba 9:7 or 71}

  • Paying zakah makes a person generous and saves them from being greedy. It purifies you and cleanses you of sins. Zakah does not mean that you will have less wealth. In fact the opposite is true as Muhammad (SAW) said “No charity shall ever decrease a slave’s wealth”.
  • Makes your imaan stronger.

Importance of Paying Zakah

Paying Zakah is just as important as doing your Salah. Zakah is mentioned in 82 aayahs in the Qur’an and appears alongside Salah. Some examples are:

” And perform As-salah (iqamah as salah) and give zakah” { Surah Baqarah 2: 110}

” Take Sadaqah (alms) from their wealth in order to purify them to sanctify them with it and invoke Allah for them” { Surah Tawbah 9:103}

What is Zakah?

The third pillar of Islam is Zakah. It is charity that Muslims must pay if they have a certain amount of wealth. Zakah means both ‘purification’ and ‘growth’.

We as Muslims believe that all things belong to Allah including wealth. Whatever wealth we have is from Allah and we need to look after it and spend it in a way which pleases Allah. By giving zakah we purify our wealth.