What is Islam?

The word Islam means “surrender”, “submission” or “obedience”. A follower of Islam is called Muslim. This means the same thing as Islam.Muslims believe in one god. This god is called Allah. A Muslim is someone who submits to the will of Allah.

The Symbol of Islam is a picture of a star and crescent. This is used to show how important Allah is to Muslims. The star and moon guided early Muslims across the desert at night. In the same way, Allah guides Muslim through their lives. Muslims believe that it is their duty as human beings to obey Allah. This is a duty that occupies their whole life.

In order to be a Muslim, a person must accept the oneness of God, the Qur’an’s(the Muslims holy book)  messages and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) guidance. As a Muslim you must ONLY believe in One god and base you life on the teachings of the Qur’an and on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). A Muslim must also keep the Five Pillars of Islam.What is Islam


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